What is the difference between barcode scanner platform and ordinary barcode scanner?

There are many types of barcode scanners. The barcode scanning platform is a form of scanning gun, which can be called from the appearance: desktop barcode scanner, vertical scanner, Omni-Directional Barcode Scanner ,Automatic Bar Code Reader etc.

(1)The performance of barcode scanner platform and ordinary barcode scanner is different:

Barcode scanning platform, it is a barcode scanning platform that can be placed in parallel to the desktop. It is the most widely used for supermarket checkout counters, mainly because the barcode scanning platform can liberate the hands of the cashier, speed up the checkout, and provide the cash register efficiency.

Data shows that more than 70% of consumers in first-tier cities use mobile payment, and the proportion of mobile payment of the 80s and 90s is as high as 80%. The public has entered a consumption era where mobile payment and cash are equally important. This has greatly stimulated the demand for barcode scanner platforms in large supermarkets and retail stores.

(2) The scanning method of barcode scanning platform and ordinary barcode scanner is different:

 The scanning window of the barcode scanning platform is larger than the ordinary scanning window. Successfully read the barcode, the operation is more simple.

Ordinary scanners, whether it is a wired handheld scanner or a wireless barcode scanner, need to hold the barcode scanner to scan the barcode. Every time you scan the barcode, you need to manually press the trigger button of the scanner to complete the scan. Actions and scanning are relatively complicated, and are not suitable for efficient cashier use for large supermarkets and retail stores.

Compared with ordinary barcode scanners, the scanning platform is divided into two types: laser scanning platform and two-dimensional code scanning platform : the laser scanning platform mainly scans one-dimensional barcodes and paper barcodes; the two-dimensional scanning platform can scan a In addition to dimensional barcodes, you can also scan QR codes, mobile payment codes, and various screen codes, with more comprehensive functions.

In addition, the barcode scanning platform will have higher sensitivity for reading barcodes and faster scanning speed; because it is placed on the desktop, it can free up both hands and improve the speed and timeliness of the cash register; the usage scenarios are more abundant, and it can be used on the desktop. Can be embedded in self-checkout equipment.

Use scenarios of the barcode scanning platform: retail, supermarket, tobacco, logistics, warehouse, government and public utilities, banks, books, clothing, catering, convenience stores, self-service cash registers, etc.

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